Custom Orthotic Design Service

At EMC, we strive for the freedom of mobility for all of our drivers. To better achieve this goal, we offer 3-D printed custom orthotics to best meet your driving needs. Choose from our wide range of available custom orthotics, or contact us to develop an orthotic tailored specifically to your requirements. With our engineering team, and your orthotic vision, we can transform your desires into a reality.


Orthotic Design Process


Every orthotic is tailored to the user’s specific needs. Lets walk through the design process for an orthotic requested by a CDRS. It all starts with an idea for what will work best - it could be an object, a drawing on a napkin - or in this case, a pen taped to the pin orthotic.


We then get started on designing the orthotic using CAD software, meeting the design criteria set forth by the customer.


After internal review, we print a prototype and send it to the customer for validation. With the customer happy with the prototype, we print a final copy out of carbon fiber infused nylon.


Mock up supplied by CDRS


Orthotic Design Process


Finished Orthotic on Input Device

Mounting Options

Orthotics can be mounted on any of our Input Devices

W-Series Wheel Input


L-Series Lever Input


Y-Series and J-Series Joystick Input


Finish Options

Orthotics come in both Smooth and Rubberized finishes





Customer Examples

The following are all examples of orthotics we’ve designed for customers


The THA Cup was designed to perfectly fit a customer’s residual limb.
It rotates on a ball bearing to glide with the motion of the L-Series Input Device


The Flightstick emulates the design and form of an aviaton joystick a customer sent in.
The complex angles and shapes show that anything is possible with custom orthotics.

Short Top

Sometimes simple is all you need. The Short Top was a design request from a CDRS
to put in their evaluation tool box. It has become an often proscribed orthotic.


Full Catalog

The AEVIT™ System, by nature, allows for deep customization of how a driver will operate a vehicle. These custom orthotics further expand on this principal, allowing for endless possibilities for how a vehicle can be controlled. If you can dream it, we can design it.

Spinning Series

Ring Series

Studded Series

Custom Order Series

Wheel Series


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With our engineering team, and your orthotic vision, we can transform your desires into reality