• The Project Z

    The Project Z

    The “Project Z” concept vehicle was the brainchild of Scott Bolduc as he looked for new ways to innovate the driving experience outside of adaptive driving controls for the physically handicapped. For it’s time, it was packed with a variety of unique features unseen in the automobile industry. It provided a simple lever that increased acceleration, easy gas braking, an LCD panel with touch controls, as well as interactive voice commands that allowed the driver to activate turn signals, wipers, and a variety of other functions only dreamed of for the time. The vehicle was modified from the Nissan 350Z to its current build as the Project Z concept car. Equipped with a joystick instead of a steering wheel the inner workings of the vehicle are truly something to behold. With eyes always set to what’s next, even our past looks like someone else’s future.

  • The National Museum Of American History

    The National Museum Of American History