DigiTone® Audible 8-Function Switching Technology Digitone® is an audible switching technology that can be accessed utilizing the Power Headrest option, a single elbow operated switch, one of four circular dome switches (1.75″, 2.5″ or 5″ Diameter), or Tri-Pin activation from an AEVIT® L-Series Orthotic device (Digital Gas/Brake). Digitone® maximizes the effectiveness of a person with a disability by utilizing their auditory skills for selection of up to eight vehicle functions while driving by depressing one switch! When the switch is depressed, Digitone® will begin emitting a series of eight “different tones” of a musical octave. When the switch is released, whatever note last sounded will activate the corresponding assigned vehicle function. It’s almost like playing “musical chairs” with assigned seats for everyone! To operate, the driver need only depress a switch and hold it until the desired note is reached and then release. The vehicle function assigned to that note will activate instantly. The scan rate and the volume are both programmable by your dealer as well as which vehicle function will activate any of the eight notes.
Plug & Play Design Please note that Digitone® will activate up to eight vehicle functions, but most applications will only require four to six. The popular functions normally utilized are Turn Signals, Horn, Dimmer, Wiper Speeds, Wiper Wash, Cruise On, and Cruise set. The Digitone® control is designed to simply “plug-into” AEVIT 2.0® and each tone can be programmed to operate any available functions on the Display. Digitone® can also be ordered as a stand-alone product in conjunction with individual two-function control modules or even the Econo-Series® console system.
Flexibility by Design Each of the 8-tones, or DigiTone® functions can be programmed for your needs. If your needs or wants change… your Dealer can access the functions on-screen and change them for you. No need to send the system back to EMC for programming!