Electronic Park Brake

Simply put… it is the Standard by which all Others are Judged The EMC Electronic Park Brake is an excellent and dependable replacement for the OEM mechanical Park Brake. The Park Brake utilizes a combination of components which can output a force of more than 640 lbs. and is capable of fully applying the park brake in less than 3-seconds. The water resistant cast housing is designed to keep the internal components protected from the elements and abuse.

Rugged Design

Because of the universal design, the EMC Electronic Park Brake can be used on any vehicle application. It can be operated from an icon on any EMC Secondary Control Display, or with a switch that is provided by the installer. In addition, it is standard equipment with the purchase of an AEVIT 2.0® Gas & Brake system and is an integral part of the manual backup system. When used in conjunction with AEVIT 2.0®, it is automatically coupled to the lever or joystick input device. Whenever the input is moved to the “full brake” position, the park brake is accessed in a “momentary” fashion. Conversely, if the ignition of the vehicle is off, the AEVIT 2.0® input device can be used to “latch” the Electric Park Brake.