Power Kit

100-amp Accessory Circuit Distribution Buss Keeping it Simple The EMC Power Kit is designed to simplify the adaptive equipment conversion process by providing a central power distribution point inside of the vehicle. The Power Kit® contains all of the necessary hardware and circuitry to safely transfer power from the battery to multiple, fused 12Vdc constant hot and 12Vdc switched ignition outputs. This is particularly useful to the installer when complex electronic driving controls are utilized. The Power Kit® main features include, a 10A & 15A resetable circuit breaker, three fused 15A constant hot circuits, and four fused 10A switched ignition circuits. It also provides a junction point for the speed and coil signals and is designed to filter out noise interference when used in conjunction with AEVIT® or the Econo-Series® console.

Easy Installation

Each EMC Power Kit® is supplied with a 100A@12Vdc circuit breaker mounted to a unique plastic “non-conductive” bracket. Simply remove one of the main vehicle battery terminals, slide this bracket over the battery post using one of the three supplied holes, and then reinstall the battery terminal. The circuit breaker is mounted and provides a handy location for connection to battery (+)12Vdc. If you are using the AVPS® battery system from EMC, then the circuit breaker bracket contains an additional fiberglass “junction post” with a steel terminal. This post is used to connect all aftermarket equipment such as a wheelchair lift/ramp to the vehicle’s main power buss, without having to install new cables.