AEVIT 2.0® Gas and Brake Systems When Using the Factory Foot Pedals is not an Option. Standard Components, All AEVIT 2.0® systems operating the vehicle acceleration and braking controls, share the same control module and drive components. The only difference between the systems is the “plug & play” Input Device(s) that you will use. Each of the systems or “Series” listed on this page will contain the standard components… plus one of the Input Options chosen from below.


The AEVIT 2.0® L-Series is a Gas & Brake only system that utilizes a lever input device. The exposed lever height is 2.5″ and the device requires a maximum input force that can be adjusted from approximately 2.4 – 5.0 lbs. The total angular displacement, or range, of the lever from the full gas position to full brake is 90 degrees. Two (2) horizontally opposed internal dampeners provide the return-to-center mechanism and produce a smooth feel that can be adjusted independently for both the Gas and Brake direction.




The Y-Series is a Gas & Brake only system that utilizes a single axis joystick input device. The joystick is constrained to motion only in the Y-axis, thus the nomenclature Y. The exposed height of the joystick is approximately 4.25” and an angular displacement, or range, of only 50 degrees is required to move the input from the full gas position to full brake. The mechanism is extremely low-effort, requiring a maximum input force of only 0.2 lbs, and is internally spring loaded to return to the center, or null, position.