Introducing AVPS, a new product from EMC that provides a real solution for vehicles that require a dual battery system. Today’s modern vehicles have charging systems capable of delivering in excess of 120 amps @ 12vDC for ONE vehicle battery. Computers in these vehicles also monitor and control the alternator output based on temperature and duty cycles. Solenoids and diode isolators simply cannot adequately address the needs of today’s adapted vehicles.

Simple Concept

The idea of putting an additional battery in a vehicle modified with adaptive equipment is simple. More available battery power is needed to handle the electrical requirements of the adaptive equipment. The auxiliary battery also provides a means of power in the event that the main vehicle battery becomes discharged or damaged. AVPS is able to perform critical power requirements in today’s adapted vehicles including: redundant power supply, emergency egress power and emergency starting power. This is accomplished by innovative design of the dual battery system.

Complex Design

Microprocessor based circuits within the AVPS module decide which battery is connected to the vehicle for charging purposes. This function also allows the driver to manually select the auxiliary battery in the event the main battery fails. AVPS also provides the driver with a visual and audible status update should the preset voltage thresholds not be met.

Impeccable Quality

Like all EMC products, AVPS was designed with every detail in mind. The major cables required for installation in your vehicle are specially constructed at EMC and are included with every AVPS kit. The supplied cables are labelled, sized, terminated, and boot protected to remove the guesswork out of every installation. Each AVPS is supplied with a step by step installation manual and is covered by EMC’s unparalleled warranty. See your EMC Dealer for details.
fuse box 3

Sensible Solutions

Although the concept of providing auxiliary batteries is simple, implementing them in today’s modern adaptive vehicles is not. EMC has provided all the necessary products to guarantee a professional and straight forward installation. The optional Power Kit from EMC allows vehicle installers to add an additional 100 amps of electrical equipment to the vehicle through a dedicated power distribution fuse box. This eliminates the issues of possible overload to original vehicle circuits not designed for the additional load.