All AEVIT™ 2.0 vehicle gas & brake controls share the same control module and drive components. The only difference between the gas & brake controls is the plug & play input device that you will use. The gas & brake input direction can be programmed by your dealer to be either gas forward or brake forward.



The L-Series is a gas & brake control that utilizes a lever input device. The exposed lever height is 2.5″, with the total travel from full gas to full brake being approximately 4”. The device requires a minimum input force that can be adjusted from approximately 2.4 – 5.0 lbs. Input force is managed by two horizontally opposed internal dampeners that provide the return-to-center mechanism and produce a smooth feel that can be adjusted independently for both the gas and brake direction.




The Y-Series is a gas & brake control that utilizes a single axis joystick input device. The joystick is constrained to motion only in the Y-axis. The exposed height of the joystick is approximately 4.25” and only requires 3.7” of input total travel from the full-gas to full-brake position. The mechanism is extremely low-effort, requiring a maximum input force of only 0.2 lbs, and is spring-loaded to return the input position to center.