The J-Series input device is a gas, brake & steering system That utilizes a multi-axis joystick input device. Motion in the X-axis is for Steering and the Y-axis motion is for gas & brake. The exposed height of the joystick is approximately 4.25″ and an angular displacement, or range, of only 50 degrees is required to move the input from the full left steer position to full right steer or from the full gas position to full brake. As with all AEVIT™ gas & brake systems, the gas & brake input direction can be programmed by your Dealer to be either gas forward or brake forward.

J-Series The mechanism is extremely low-effort, requiring a maximum input force of only 0.2 lbs, and is internally spring-loaded to return to the center, or null, position. The joystick is internally coupled to 3-independent and redundant electronic devices on each axis for unsurpassed safety and reliability. The J-Series input device can be positioned for either left hand or right hand operation. The input control enclosure measures 5.0” x 4.0” x 2.5” and weighs only 1.5 lbs. The software flexibility within the system provides four (4) unique control algorithms developed by EMC specifically for joystick steering. These allow on screen programming in the display by the dealer and evaluator to maximize the clients input strength and range of motion.

The flexibility of the software allows for a selectable gas & brake input direction, and sensitivity curves, that can be programmed by a certified dealer or professional driver rehab specialist to suit each individual. Speed-sensitive steering feature is designed to reduce over-steering scenarios at high speeds. Audible feedback to assist the driver as to the rate of steering change is selectable on-screen. Sensitivity of the joystick can be tailored to you with multiple joystick band adjustments that are selectable on-screen.