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Electronic Mobility Controls, LLC is an international company based in Augusta, Maine and was founded with the goal of providing individuals with high level disabilities the freedom of mobility.

In 1986, EMC’s founder, Scott Bolduc, came up with the idea for Digidrive, the world’s first adaptive driving control system. This later evolved into the AEVIT™ System. This cutting edge system continues to allow unparalleled freedom of driving mobility. We take pride in knowing that we can provide comprehensive solutions to your mobility challenges. Our innovative solutions have allowed EMC to set industry standards for the world to follow. We also set the standard for safety by rigorously testing and evaluating every product we make. In addition to the rigorous testing, we engineer triple redundancy into all of our safety protocols.  We are committed to continual product improvement and have the engineering expertise to ensure that EMC products are recognized as the standard for safety and reliability. With a vast list of dealers, EMC's AEVIT™ System has the ability to change lives around the world. EMC is directed with the belief that business practices of today pave the road for tomorrow. In keeping with this belief, our goal is to visualize the future of adaptive driving controls and to make that future a reality today. 

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