Electronic Mobility Controls LLC

We take great pride in knowing that we can provide unique solutions to your driving control challenges. Our innovative solutions to these challenges allows EMC to set industry standards for the world to follow. We attribute much of our success to our ability to conquer obstacles with creative design alternatives. All the while, we maintain consumer safety as our primary goal. We are committed to continual product improvement and have the engineering expertise to ensure that EMC products are recognized as the standard for safety and reliability by which others are judged.


Why Electronic Mobility Controls?


As the creator of drive by wire technology, we have the insight that only comes from being there since the beginning. We understand how to serve all the specific and unique needs of our clients, as well as provide informed explanations based on years of designing, manufacturing and installing our equipment. Being the creators of drive by wire systems, we understand this technology better than our new peers, and we have the patents to prove it.

Joystick Patent
Combined Acceleration and Braking Patent
Auxiliary Vehicle Power Supply Patent

Safety and Quality Focused

EMC is a company with a reputation for safety and quality. When you've been around for as long as we have, your reputation is something you take pride in. Each and every one of our products undergoes rigorous evaluation and testing to ensure both product safety and reliability. We stand by our products as if they were going in our own vehicles. We guarantee our products the same way; absolutely everything we make comes backed by an extensive warranty policy and knowledgeable technical support staff.

Skilled Staff

EMC stands behind each product with an extensive warranty policy and a knowledgeable technical support staff. Our staff are available to answer all of your product application and installation questions. We are dedicated to building strong, long lasting relationships with our certified dealers and driver rehabilitation specialists. By offering in-depth training programs on all of our products, you can rest assured knowing you're getting the best and most up to date information available. Our in house team of highly skilled engineers, mechanics, office staff, and C-Suite executives gives EMC the confidence to stand behind everything we do.

Company Vision

EMC is directed with the belief that the business practices of today pave the road for the future. In keeping with this belief, our goal is to visualize the future of adaptive driving controls and to make that future a reality. Through this process we have been able to set new industry standards for quality, safety, and performance. It is this proactive attitude that has allowed EMC to move our industry forward at an overwhelming pace. The Vision that EMC utilizes is not only the result of our own creative thinking. With input and assistance from the EMC advisory board made up of professionals throughout the adaptive driving controls industry, we are able to collectively discover the requirements of tomorrow's adaptive driving controls. This cooperation is one of the primary reasons EMC products can satisfy the needs of driver rehabilitation specialists, certified dealers, and consumers alike.


Lauren Bolduc


Lauren began working in the durable medical supply industry in 1986 for Division Medical Supply in Capitol Heights, MD. She began working in the adaptive mobility industry in 1987 when Division Medical began converting vehicles and Division Transportation was born. In 1989 Lauren moved into Division Driving Systems after the Division Family of companies purchased Mobility Plus and became the manufacturer of the world's first joystick driving system. It is here where she met Scott Bolduc, the inventor of the drive-by-wire system. Scott and Lauren were married in 1990 and shortly thereafter Electronic Mobility Controls was created. They have spent 31 years together working tirelessly to improve the lives of the disabled. She has recently taken over the role of President of EMC so that Scott can enjoy a well-deserved partial retirement. With eyes set to the future, Lauren is leading the company into a whole new era of adaptive driving technology. There are many new adventures on the horizon for EMC. Lauren plans to navigate those waters with her compass of wisdom and trusted team, keeping true to her mission of providing freedom and hope to those with physical disability.

Phil Nuza

Chief Officer of Operations

Prior to joining EMC in 1999, Phil worked with both General Motors, and the Ford Motor company. He came with experience in model jet manufacturing and a determination to make a difference. Starting from the bottom as a certified mechanic, he has worked in production, the service department, as general manager, and now as the Chief Operating Officer. With many years of experience and knowledge in the industry, Phil skillfully leads the daily operations of the business, while keeping its course charted as we move into the future. With a lead from the front mentality, Phil is a well-respected and integral part of Electronic Mobility Controls and accounts for its continuing success.

"Your Attitude, not your Aptitude, will determine your Altitude."
-Zig Ziglar