AEVIT™ 2.0 System Overview

AEVIT™ 2.0 System is the fourth generation of AEVIT drive-by-wire driving control systems, featuring the latest technological enhancements to user convenience, reliability, versatility, serviceability and safety. These new driving control systems are sold as totally integrated units that contain both primary and secondary control options for virtually any motor vehicle with power assisted steering and brakes.


Primary Controls

Primary controls are the driver input devices necessary for controlling the gas/brake and steering functions of a motor vehicle. The driver’s manipulation of the primary control is read as an electric signal, which dictates how the servomotors smoothly apply the gas, brake and steering of the vehicle. The customizable design of the AEVIT™ 2.0 System allows you to select the orthotics that fit your physical needs. If your needs should change in the future, simply plug in a different input device. These devices greatly reduce the mechanical input and range of motion required to operate the motor vehicle.

Secondary Controls

The secondary controls are comprised of all other functions apart from gas/brake and steering. These include, but aren’t limited to: ignition, lights, turn signals, wipers, A/C and cruise control. The core components in providing versatility to the AEVIT™ 2.0 System are the CompactFlash card and input selection. If your needs should change in the future, simply plug in different input devices and an appropriate CompactFlash card to access additional secondary switch functions. The secondary input devices allow for alternative activation of these secondary control functions, in a way that best suits the user’s needs.