The AEVIT™ Digitone is an audible 8-Function switching system. Digitone can be activated via the Power Headrest option, a single elbow operated switch, one of four circular dome switches (1.75″, 2.5″ or 5″ Diameter), or Tri-Pin activation from an AEVIT™ L-Series orthotic device. To operate, the driver only needs to depress a switch and hold it until the desired note is reached and then release. The vehicle function assigned to that note will activate instantly. The scan rate and volume are both programmable by your dealer in addition to the vehicle function assigned to each note.

The popular functions normally utilized are turn signals, horn, dimmer, wiper Speeds, wiper wash, cruise on, and cruise set. The Digitone control is designed to simply plug into the AEVIT™ 2.0 System and be programmed to your exact wants and needs. Digitone can also be ordered as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with other devices depending on your needs.

The Digitone is flexible by design; with 8 easily programmable functions, you can have all your needs and wants met. Digitone is easily customizable; your dealer can access the functions on-screen and change them for you. No need for complicated fixes or extended time without a vehicle.