The Intelligent Electronic Shift Control Smart-Shift® sets the industry standard for “Electronic Shift” applications, and can be installed into any vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission. No more missed gears or waiting in traffic for other actuator systems to slowly move. Smart-Shift® travels from Park to Drive in 1.3 seconds! Simply press the desired key one time and the actuator moves to the desired gear automatically. There are 2-styles for Smart-Shift®: One that is incorporated into the AEVIT 2.0® LCD Display And one for “stand-alone” applications that require a separate keypad Smart-Shift® incorporates positional feedback as well as fully automatic positioning of the actuator in any of the five gear selector choices, i.e., Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive and Drive 2. When a key is depressed, the actuator will move the transmission to the selected gear, stop automatically, and illuminate the LED indicator. As a safety feature, the brake must be applied in order to move to the selected gear. EMC designed this feature into Smart-Shift® in 1986… 7-years before the world automakers!
Universal Design by Choice The contoured “stand-alone” Smart-Shift® keypad (3″H x 5.5″W x 1″D), was designed to compliment the Econo-Series® console system as a “stand-alone” product. Each button features center illumination and is represented by universal icons so that a person can take full advantage of his or her visual perception for quick, at-a-glance operation. Also, these raised, tactile buttons are sufficiently spaced to prevent inadvertent function activation.
Precise Servo Movement The Intelligent Electronic Shift Control The Smart-Shift® actuator replaces the factory gearshift mechanism. The powerful actuator positions your factory transmission cable within 1/32″ every time – no missed shift points. It conveniently mounts near the transmission in a weather resistant enclosure out of sight! The Smart-Shift® actuator is included as a standard feature with the AEVIT 2.0® Secondary Option “A”.
Smart-Shift® in parallel with Chrysler Pacifica shift knob The AEVIT 2.0® system is now capable of shifting in parallel with the Chrysler Pacifica shift-by-wire knob. Ever since the Pacifica was released in 2017 it has had a rotary knob controlling the transmission and gear positions. This knob is completely shift-by-wire, meaning it doesn’t have the traditional mechanical cable between the shifter and the transmission. The knob talks on (2) CAN buses in the van, sending CAN messages to indicate which gear is being selected. AEVIT now mimics those CAN messages in the van as if the driver turned the shift knob to each of the gears. At this time, Smart-Shift® in this vehicle is only available when it is incorporated into the AEVIT 2.0® LCD Display.
Smart-Shift® in parallel with Honda Odyssey push button shift Starting in 2018 the Honda Odyssey was equipped with a push button, shift-by-wire transmission. Similar to the Chrysler Pacifica, these push buttons send CAN messages on (2) CAN buses in the van to control the transmission gear positions. AEVIT reads those messages and updates its Display in real time, but also sends it’s own messages when the Display is pressed and used to shift. At this time, Smart-Shift® in this vehicle is only available when it is incorporated into the AEVIT 2.0® LCD Display.